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EsiObjects project. EsiObjects is an Object Oriented (OO) application development environment. It is based on 1995 ANSI Standard MUMPS implementations (Cache and GTM). The MUMPS language is extended with OO language constructs that work in concert with an object structure that is built using the MUMPS persistent array structures (Globals).

The Interactive Development Environment (IDE) is built on Windows®. It provides the programmer with all the tools needed to develop a sophisticated application.

The Java Gateway provides flexible runtime communications between the application UI and the EsiObjects server. Application UI's can be written in Java and other technologies.


  • Free! A Virtual Machine Guest Operating System containing all of ESI's relevant software and training materials has been released to the MUMPS community. It contains an installed EsiObjects and Computer Based Instruction packages – ready to use. Additionally, all CBI and Lecture Workshop Student Guides are available. Click here to go to the announcement and download instructions.

  • EsiObjects V4.2.1.0 has been released. To download it, click on the Downloads tab and follow the instructions.

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